Magic the Gathering: Kaldheim

I had the chance to Art Direct the Magic the Gathering: Kaldheim trailer for Wizards of the Coast at Axis Studios.
As an AD I mostly provided design direction for the team, but I also had the chance to create some artworks to establish to overall mood and feel for the trailer. Thanks for all the insanely talented artists working with me on the project and the awesome teams at Axis!
All artworks AD-d by me and created mostly in collaboration with other artists:
- Boat scene and portal scene created with Rene Aigner
- Tibalt scenes, where the original character design was created by Jens Claessens
- World Tree at the end, what was done with Zsolt Mike Szabados.
Directed by Abed Abonamous
Executive Producer: Caleb Bouchard
Producer: Sean Kelly
CG Sup: Michal Skrzypiec